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im literally so sad rn
im not sure if tumblr will give my account back



Dis is me


As Headless Fatties, the body becomes symbolic: we are there but we have no voice, not even a mouth in a head, no brain, no thoughts or opinions. Instead we are reduced and dehumanised as symbols of cultural fear: the body, the belly, the arse, food. There’s a symbolism, too, in the way that the people in these photographs have been beheaded. It’s as though we have been punished for existing, our right to speak has been removed by a prurient gaze, our headless images accompany articles that assume a world without people like us would be a better world altogether…

Headless Fatties are a version of fat people, a never-ending parade of us, taken from us and then sold back to us, hatefully and with ignorance. They reek of a surveillance culture with which fat people – whose bodies are policed by glares, and disapproving looks – are all too familiar.


Charlotte Cooper, Headless Fatties (via loniemc)


Honestly ignoring me is the worst thing you can do to me.


Cuddle me, kiss me, lie with me, play with my hair, stroke my skin, kiss my nose, lie on my chest, hold my hand, play with my fingers, fall asleep with me


Oo la love, I’ve fallen in love, and it’s better this time than ever before
Oo la love, I’ve fallen in love, and it’s better this time than I’ve ever known